Rite Nordic Dry Slim White Portion has an intense taste of spearmint & peppermint, this Snus has a high nicotine content which gives the the consumer a rather powerful experience.

The slim version has smaller sized pouches but with the same magnificent taste without being too overpowering.

฿249 inc. Vat

SKU: 254991 Category: GTIN: 5707294254991MPN: 990936Brand: RITENicotine: 32 mg/gramWeight: 18 g


RITE Nordic Dry Slim is on the top ens of the strength scale which means it has a 5 of 5 rating. It contains a massive 32 mg of nicotine per gram for the experienced Snus consumer.

The can contains 20 slim portions of white pouches. Being exclusive sellers of this product in Thailand, we have added it as a part of our range of Thailand Snus.

The remarkably refreshing mix of strong peppermint and spearmint gives it a nice and cool taste with a dry feel and explosive sensation.

We also have RITE Nordic Dry as Large version, same Snus but larger bags.


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